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Hello Grappa: European Essence
Explore Italy’s Famous Spirit


Say hello to Grappa, Italy’s most authentic spirit, that brings the country’s traditions of wine, food, and hospitality together in a glass.

Grappa is a spirit that’s distilled from the pomace of wine grapes. In order for it to be classified as Grappa GI, it must be produced in Italy from only Italian grapes, according to the European Union’s Regulation No 2019/787. You’ll find Grappa produced in famous regions throughout the country and producers are allowed to use the DOCG as part of the Grappa’s name (such as Grappa Brunello di Montalcino). Grappas can either be a monovarietal or a blend of several varieties. Just like with wine, aging Grappa for various periods of time gives the spirit distinctive characteristics, and different terms on the label denote the aging times. Vecchia or invecchiata means at least 12 months; and riserva or stravecchia Grappas are aged for 18 months or more.. Producers might also choose to infuse their Grappa with herbs, nuts, or fruit, or let the pure expression of the grape variety stand on its own.

Grappa is gaining popularity for its sustainable qualities; as its base ingredient is grape pomace (the seeds, skins, and other solids left over after pressing), Grappa gives a second life to a material that normally would be discarded in still wine production.

This popular digestif is the traditional way to end a meal, either paired with dark chocolates, salty cheeses, nutty desserts, or sipped on its own. For a new generation of drinkers, it’s also become an essential ingredient for cocktails.

Join Wine Enthusiast Tastemakers as they explore this versatile spirit in a series of videos, and learn more about Grappa at www.hellograppa.com.


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